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History Los Aventureros Hostel

Once upon a time there were two good friends, which were from Sucre in Bolivia. Sucre was a small and cozy town in the Andes, which was popular for its nice climate and its friendly and open people.

Those two friends, Tom and Nano, were on a lot of adventures during their youth time but later their lives went different ways.

Tom travelled through the whole world to do a lot of useless work. But he never forgot a river which crossed his way and he travelled on with his inflatable kayak.

Nano a backpacker, motorcycle driver and kayak paddler lived a long time illegal Chicago in the States.

These old friends met after 20 years in Santa Cruz, the tropical metropolis of Bolivia. During a long night of drinking they talked about all the crazy things they did during all those years especially about the long trips both did.

Both recognized that the tourism branch in Bolivia doesn’t really care about the backpackers, which was a lager group of travelers in South America. They decided to change that and wanted to do something good for the Backpackers.

It was a wonder that both remembered all they talked about after this night with a lot of drinking. Right the next day they started their plans.

· A hotel which achieves all the needs of a backpacker, which means cheap, save, clean, cozy and efficient.

· They also wanted to offer tours which are special, special offers like river trekking and kayaking tours on the rivers and lakes of Bolivia

After months of working on a big family house with a big pool and after overcome with financial problems, was it done.

LOS AVENTUREROS opens his doors.


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