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Special offer for Backpacker!

We are giving you the oppertunity to discover Bolivia in a different way!

We discovered the small town Concepcion on a backpacking tour and we immediately toke it to our hearts. There we met a German who had a holiday house at the lagoon. However the really nice man got the house, it did not make sense, because he was living in Munich and his holiday house was in Bolivia.
At first we only managed the house for him and a few years later we adopted the house. The idea was that we rent the house on weekends and holidays. But our marketing strategy did not work out with the target group we chose. We are confident that the house, the lagoon, the town and the area offers the special needs for backpackers with the wish of experiencing something special. So we changed our strategy to adresse the right target group:

- We purchased 4 kayaks to give you the possibility to discover the nature by yourself
- Also we purchased bikes which are free of use
- Now we offer each room for itself; each room provides room for 3 people (one double bed, one single bed)
- We decreased the price to backpacker standard (normal price for a dorm bed in Bolivia is US$ 10,-) which means each room costs US$ 20, - per night
- We have offers on Hostelworld.com and Hostelbooker.com
- A special offer for our guests of LOS AVENTUREROS and LOS TROTAMUNDOS is a discount of 20%
The first experiences are positive and all travelers who rented our house were thrilled. We have mostly young couples but also those who want to be alone.


The easiest way to get to the Cabaña is with public transportation with the bus from the train/bus station in Santa Cruz: Line 102 (big Buses) or small buses “Noahs”. The travelling time is approximate 5h. In Concepcion you take a taxi to GUATANAMO (Bs 20,-).

The town of Concepcion with its architecture, those long gallery ways and the gorgeous Plaza, do not forget the unique Jesuit's church, is a romantic small village which is surrounded by untouched nature. The highlight is the tropical lagoon which provides the possibilities of discovering it by kayak, watch birds or go fishing.
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